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About MIRA

What is MIRA?

MIRA ('Milieurapport') is the State of the Environment Report (SOER) on the Flemish Region of Belgium. It provides: 

  • a description, analysis and assessment of the actual environmental state
  • a description, analysis and assessment of the actual environment policy
  • a description of the expected environmental development in case of both unchanged and alternative policy, according to a number of relevant scenarios.

The reports are the reflection of the scientific knowledge on environmental issues in Flanders, scattered in universities, scientific institutions and administrative services, coordinated by the Flemish Environment Agency (VMM).

The making of MIRA

The MIRA team sets a design to make the cause-effect processes obvious. The team-members also help to create models and to define indicators that clearly show the links of the cause-effect processes. The team assures the uniform look and feel of the textual contributions, in order to improve the readability and receptivity of the knowledge.

The task of the scientific writers is to rearrange the available knowledge in order to make it applicable to the policy foundation. This usually involves comprehending the knowledge and completing it, as well as the development of indicators and models. Reporting within the compulsory time schedules of the policy preparation needs to be done in the frame of the DPSI-R-chain.

Selected revisors associated with universities, scientific institutions, administrative services … read through all chapters, formulate critical comments and indicate missing elements.

steering group that has been made up by decree accompanies the MIRA process.

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