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Transition to a sustainable agro-food system in Flanders: a system analysis

Our agro-food system is under pressure. The world population keeps growing, resources are becoming scarcer, and climate change continues to gain momentum. At the same time, food-related diseases such as obesity and heart and vascular diseases continue to rise, and Flemish farmers find it increasingly difficult to find a successor for their business. The new MIRA-AMS topic report analyses the tensions in the system and offers inspiration for managing the food supply chain in Flanders in a more sustainable way.

Geographical distribution of crop protection agents used in agriculture: relationship between use and emission to surface water

Acting on behalf of Flanders Environment Report (MIRA), the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) has investigated 22 pesticides for their use in agriculture and emission to surface water. New in this study is the geographical detailing of the use (per agricultural land unit) for 12 crop groups, whose emission to surface water has been estimated. The relationship between use and emission to surface water constitutes a key instrument for underpinning and evaluating the water policy with regard to priority substances.

MIRA Indicator Report 2011

The Environmental Reporting unit (MIRA) of the Flemish Environment Agency each year publishes a new edition of the MIRA Indicator Report.

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