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Are there signs of a greening tax system in Flanders?

The answer to this question is No. Since 1997, the tax system applicable in Flanders has not shown any further signs of greening. In fact, there seems to have been a slight move in the opposite direction. This is revealed by a new MIRA study report compiled by HIVA-KU Leuven. Based on the revenues, a third of the environmental taxes levied in Flanders comes under Flemish competence, meaning that Flanders has only a partial impact on the greening of its tax system.

Linking a land use model with a transport model for calculating future scenarios

In the context of a MIRA R&D project, VITO has designed a prototype of the ATLAS model. This model integrates a transport model into the existing Space Model for Flanders. In this way, the model takes account of mutual interactions between land use and transport in calculating future scenarios. After integrating the data from the Flemish Traffic Centre on transport in Flanders, a first simulation was carried out using the ATLAS model. In addition, potential future scenarios were investigated.

Another look at welfare for a more effective policy

A revision of the gross domestic product as welfare indicator is necessary to measure sustainable progress. A better index for this is the Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW) which attaches greater importance to natural and human capital.

Chemical composition of particulate matter calculated

A VITO study commissioned by MIRA provides insight into the dispersion of the various chemical fractions of particulate matter. While the model gives a fairly reliable assessment of the total mass of particulate matter, accurate model calculations for the composition of particulate matter remain problematic. The study shows that primary particulate matter of local origin appears to account for a rather substantial share of the total mass.

New environmental balance for Flanders, inclusive a new interactive data webtool

Each year the Unit Environmental Reporting (MIRA) of the Flemish Environment Agency provides an overview of the current state of the environment in Flanders on the basis of indicators. The MIRA Indicator Report 2012 offers reliable and up-to-date environmental information. In this way, we hope to make a useful contribution to the environmental debate in Flanders.

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