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Internalization of External Costs of Transport in Flanders

Update 2016 - The MIRA-research report “Internalization of external costs of transport in Flanders” (2010) estimated the private costs, the external costs, and the degree of internalization of transport for the period 2000-2008. Six years later it is time to update this report.

Greening of the tax system in Flanders

HIVA, the Research Institute for Work and Society, updated the indicators for the greening of the tax system in Flanders, as commissioned by the Flanders Environment Agency (Environmental Reporting Unit - MIRA). In the previous three editions (2004, 2011 and 2013), little change was reported, but the conclusion in the 2016 edition is different. Flanders can for the first time be said to have experienced a tax greening wave over the period 2015-2016.

Development of environmental health indicators for Flanders

The environment in which we live influences our health. However, the link between environmental quality and health effects is a complex one. Not only the environment, but also factors such as lifestyle and genetic predisposition determine the health of individuals. Commissioned by MIRA, VITO developed for Flanders a first set of environmental health indicators for six pollutants. The study shows that many of these pollutants in our body have been decreasing over the last decade, but that the risk of health effects cannot be excluded.

Food System

chapter Food System of the System Balance 2017

Carbon footprint of Flemish consumption

Two-thirds of Flemish consumption greenhouse gas emissions originate abroad. On behalf of VMM-MIRA, VITO calculated that consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions in Flanders amount to 20 tonnes per capita. Two-thirds of these emissions originate abroad. Also three-quarters of the jobs on which our consumption is based, are located outside of Flanders.

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