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Environmental Outlook 2018: Background document Solution Paths for the Mobility System

Issue 29-11-2018This research was carried out as part of the ‘Environmental Outlook 2018’ and provided the necessary scientific underpinning.

To move people and goods, we have access to a vast network of roads and car parks, rails and stations, (air)ports and a range of transport modes. Mobility is indispensable in our society, yet it also leads to air pollution, health problems, climate change, road congestion and traffic accidents. To solve these persistent problems, a fundamental rethinking of our mobility system is required.

The report describes three broad solution paths which, in combination, can contribute to the (ecological) sustainability of the Flemish mobility system:

  • avoid
  • shift
  • improve

Each solution path comprises a number of possible solutions. The report examines 10 groups of solutions:

  1. distance working, learning and meeting;
  2. ride-sharing for passengers;
  3. logistics improvements;
  4. (electric) bike and new light electric vehicles (LEVs);
  5. carsharing;
  6. performance mobility services or Mobility as a Service;
  7. autonomous vehicles;
  8. battery electric vehicles;
  9. hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles;
  10. advanced biofuels.

The report first discusses the environmental potential and other potential social impacts of these solution groups. This is followed by a detailed analysis of barriers and levers for the implementation of the solutions.

The information for this report was collected through a combination of literature review and surveys and workshops of academic experts and practice experts.

Read the English summary of the Dutch background document ‘Solution Paths for the Mobility System’

Study commissioned by MIRA, Flanders Environment Report

researchers: Inge Mayeres, Bruno Van Zeebroeck, Sebastion Vanderlinden (Transport & Mobility Leuven); Kris Bachus, Luc Van Ootegem (HIVA - KU Leuven)

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