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Scientific underpinning of the Environmental Outlook 2018

The Environmental Outlook 2018 was compiled on the basis of different scientific background documents. Links to the background documents are provided at the bottom of this page.

The Environmental Outlook 2018 describes and analyses solutions that can contribute to an (ecologically) more sustainable energy, mobility and food system. Their environmental potential and possible trade-offs and cobenefits were analysed, and possible barriers and available levers for their implementation mapped in detail. The environmental outlook was built around three major building blocks and two additional studies.

Three building blocks and two additional studies

Scheme with three building blocks MVK2018

Three building blocks and two additional studies provide the basis for this report.

  • Building block 1: an analysis of the evolution of environmental indicators which represents the state of the environment in Flanders and shows the emerging trends therein;
  • Building block 2: a horizonscanning which updates megatrends and outlines societal developments that can impact the transition to sustainability;
  • Building block 3: sustainable solutions for three important societal systems: energy, mobility and food.

Two additional studies provide essential insights into the matter.

  • Towards a diagnostic of system change examines how societal systems in Flanders behave when they are exposed to a transition impulse.
  • Space as an integrative platform for environmental solutions presents a selection and analysis of spatial strategies that enable and/or support sustainable solutions for the various systems in an integrative manner.

For building block 1 of the analysis of environmental indicators, the comprehensive set of indicators as presented on this site, was used. For the other building blocks and for the additional studies, we called on external expert-authors, who in turn worked with a broad group of (field) experts from various disciplines.

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