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Climate Portal - Compass for a climate-proof and resilient Flanders

Issue 10-01-2019Climate change, its effects (heat stress, floods, drought) and impacts (people and buildings affected): the Climate Portal Flanders presents all this information in a user-friendly format.

User-tailored information

Flanders is tooling up for climate change. For years, (local) policy makers have been preparing climate adaptation plans. A huge amount of data and information is required to help guide these plans. Gathering the necessary data each time is very time-consuming, which is why VMM has developed the Climate Portal Flanders. This portal brings together all available and essential climate information and displays it spatially wherever possible.

The Climate Portal Flanders offers every user an image of climate change and its effects and impacts on people and society. Care has been taken to tailor the portal as far as possible to the needs of users in Flanders. An interactive and iterative approach was used to this end, including several meetings with a number of intended users, a thorough discussion of the users' needs, and website usability testing.

Built around 5 topics

The research report ‘Climate Portal - Compass for a climate-proof and resilient Flanders' describes the process followed to design the Climate Portal Flanders, and bundles for each climate topic the main findings from the maps and figures of the portal. The topics are:

  1. heat stress
  2. floods
  3. sea level rise
  4. drought
  5. climate condition (temperature, precipitation, evaporation, wind)

The research started with two preliminary studies, which are attached as separate annexes to the research report.

  1. An analysis of existing portals in other countries. An identification of the strengths and weaknesses in these portals provided a sound point of departure for the development of the Climate Portal Flanders.
  2. An analysis of possible data sources that can be combined to assess the potential impact of climate change in Flanders.

The result is a practical and usable tool that will enable local policy makers, citizens and other stakeholders to more effectively deal with the impacts of climate change. The Climate Portal Flanders was launched during a presentation to local authorities on 13 September 2018. However, this is not an end point, but only a first milestone. Together with other organisations, VMM seeks to further develop the Climate Portal in the coming years, thereby helping Flanders to become climate-proof and resilient.

Figure: Homepage of Climate Portal Flanders

Screenshot Klimaatportaal 2018

Read the English summary of the Dutch report ‘Climate Portal - Compass for a climate-proof and resilient Flanders'

Study commissioned by VMM, Flood Management Unit and MIRA Unit, Flanders Environment Report
Research Report AOW&MIRA/2018/02

researchers: Rob Lokers, Ingrid Coninx, Hugo de Groot, Igor Staritsky, Wageningen Environmental Research and Patrick Willems, KU Leuven

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