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Environment Outlook 2030 Flanders

Issue 01-12-2009We decide NOW about the FUTURE - The future depends on the choices made today. Environment Outlook 2030 investigates what the environment in Flanders may look like in a few decades from now. The aim is to show policy makers and interested citizens how the quality of the environment might develop in Flanders and what impact policy could have on this.

The future developments have been depicted using three policy scenarios with increasing levels of ambition:

  • The reference scenario investigates how far the current environmental policy reaches.
  • The Europe scenario investigates what may be required to realise the European ambitions concerning climate change, air quality and water quality in the medium term.
  • The visionary scenario investigates how the environment may be safeguarded for present and future generations.

The outcomes of the scenarios indicate what may be required to realise certain ambitions. The Environment Outlook 2030 is not to be considered a prediction of the future. The report describes a number of developments that may occur in the future under certain conditions.

The Environment Outlook 2030 describes developments in economic sectors and the consequences thereof for the pressure on and quality of the environment. The Nature Outlook 2030 (only in Dutch) of the Institute for Nature and Forest Research focuses on the consequences of environmental quality and land use for biodiversity.

Go to the indicator atlas with animated maps, charts and descriptions of indicators.

indicator atlas with animated maps, charts and descriptions of indicators

researchers: MIRA, the Environment Reporting Unit

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