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MIRA Publications

Title researchers First published on
Environmental Outlook 2018: Solutions for a sustainable future MIRA, Flanders Environment Report Mar 29, 2019
Climate Portal - Compass for a climate-proof and resilient Flanders Rob Lokers, Ingrid Coninx, Hugo de Groot, Igor Staritsky, Wageningen Environmental Research and Patrick Willems, KU Leuven Jan 10, 2019
Sustainable saving and investing: update until 2017 Ro Van den broeck, Laura Uwase, Quentin Tran, Kenny Frederickx (Forum Ethibel vzw); Luc Van Liedekerke (University of Antwerp) Nov 30, 2018
System Balance 2017: Environmental challenges for the energy, mobility and food systems in Flanders MIRA, the Environment Reporting Unit Jul 13, 2017
Carbon footprint of Flemish consumption An Vercalsteren, Katrien Boonen, Maarten Christis, Yoko Dams, Evelien Dils, Theo Geerken, Ann Van der Linden, VITO and Erika Vander Putten, VMM Jun 27, 2017
Climate Report 2015: about observed and future climate changes in Flanders and Belgium MIRA, the Environment Reporting Unit in cooperation with experts of KU Leuven, VITO, KMI and VMM Oct 26, 2015
Megatrends: far-reaching, but also out of reach? How do megatrends influence the environment in Flanders? MIRA, the Environment Reporting Unit Mar 03, 2015
New environmental balance for Flanders, inclusive a new interactive data webtool MIRA, the Environment Reporting Unit May 30, 2013
Transition to a sustainable agro-food system in Flanders: a system analysis Erik Mathijs, KU Leuven, Frank Nevens, VITO and Philippe Vandenbroeck, shiftN, in collaboration with MIRA, the Environment Reporting Unit and AMS, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Nov 05, 2012
MIRA Indicator Report 2011 MIRA, the Environment Reporting Unit May 29, 2012
Environment Outlook 2030 Flanders MIRA, the Environment Reporting Unit Dec 01, 2009

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