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Research reports

Title researchers First published on
New approach to the statistical trend analysis of the watercourse sediment quality Ivy Jansen, Paul Quataert, INBO Jun 03, 2013
Chemical composition of particulate matter calculated Felix Deutsch, Jean Vankerkom, VITO en Jordy Vercauteren, Myriam Bossuyt, Frans Fierens, VMM Apr 02, 2013
Geographical distribution of crop protection agents used in agriculture: relationship between use and emission to surface water Leen Van Esch, Ingeborg Joris, Guy Engelen, Piet Seuntjens, VITO Aug 16, 2012
Estimate of burden of disease and external costs caused by various environmental factors Jurgen Buekers, Rudi Torfs, Felix Deutsch, Wouter Lefebvre, VITO in collaboration with Myriam Bossuyt, VMM Aug 07, 2012
The Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare for Flanders Brent Bleys, University College Ghent Jun 12, 2012

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